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Orthopedic items [Cast Cutter "HCC-114"]

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Orthopedic items [Cast Cutter "HCC-114"]

This cast cutter is an essential appliance for orthopedics, this can cut efficiently any type of casting tape smoothly because it has an excellent function of cutting and convenience to use, moreover very firm and durable.
Cast cutting is progressing by vibrating of the saw blade at high speed, therefore the more saw teeth contacted on the surface of plaster cast the better cutting performance.

According to this principle, place the saw blade at a right angle to the plaster cast and press slowly until a cast is pierced, cutting depth shall be controlled in thumb at this time.

When a part cutting is completed, lift the saw blade up slightly and advance it about 13mm within the groove already has been cut on the cast to the next part to cut. Continue to repeat this process in direction of the set cutting line on the cast until the cast cutting is completed.

The optional dust collection hood and hose, which is fitted to the cast cutter and vacuum cleaner, will protect operator's health and keep clean the surrounding environment from the dust particles blown away during cutting the plaster cast.


Cast Cutter [HCC-114]

Oscillating Frequency

11,400 cpm

Rotation Angle



Ø70 × L283 mm

Power Source

AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 0.25A
AC 110V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A

Net Weight

1.86 kg

Saw Blade

Ø51.0mm, Ø63.5mm;

Dust Suction System (optional item)

Hood: 1 ea / Hose: 1 ea

* Saw Blade : STS716

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Orthopedic items -Cast Cutter -HCC-114--

Orthopedic items -Cast Cutter -HCC-114--